Mobile Advertising Services in Atlantic City

Using location based targeting combined with demographic and behavioral targeting to reach people with  your display ad on their mobile devices. You’re marketing to people in your immediate proximity on the device they are living on and have with them at all times – their smart phone! We can also target prospects and customers who have been to a competitor’s store location nearby!

Why Mobile Advertising?

77% of Americans have Smartphones.  Reach them where they live, shop, and drive.  We use GPS and RFID technology to create a virtual geographic boundary.  When a mobile device enters or leaves a particular area it triggers a response.  Some reasons to use mobile advertising in Atlantic City include:

  • Remind them how awesome you are when they shop at your competitors.
  • Do your customers attend specific events or types of events?
  • Remind your customers to stop by on their way to or from the office.
  • Do your customers live or work near you, or in a particular neighborhood?