Keyword Targeting and Ad Retargeting Services in New Jersey

Keyword Targeting Services in New JerseyKeyword Targeting Services

Showing your display or video ads on web pages that contain keywords related to your business, across all devices. With Keyword Targeting we are NOT showing ads on Google, we’re showing your ads on websites that people click that contain your keywords.

Ad Retargeting Services

Retargeting (aka remarketing) is a form of online advertising that targets users based on their actions online, such as visiting a website. A “cookie-based” technology, retargeting is used to reconnect with these site visitors around the Internet on sites utilizing corresponding ad networks or a specific social media website or app. Retargeting is an extremely powerful way to re-engage site visitors who are already familiar with an advertiser’s brand, products or services, nurturing them down the path to purchase.

Ad Retargeting Services in New Jersey

Following People after they leave your website and showing them your display or video ad, across all devices. Retargeting is important because 98% of all initial website visitors do not convert or engage on their first visit. Retargeting customers can convert them from browsers to buyers!


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