Advertising Effectively in 2023 Uncertainty

In times of economic uncertainty, many businesses become hesitant to advertise. The fear of losing money during an economic recession can be daunting, but it’s important to remember that advertising is not a luxury – it’s a necessity. Local Atlantic and Cape May County businesses should continue to advertise, and combining radio and digital marketing is a great way to reach a larger audience.

Radio marketing can be a powerful tool to reach people who may not be aware of your business. In South Jersey alone, radio marketing can reach over 250,000 listeners who may not know about your products or services. This is a huge opportunity to reach a large audience and make your business known.

In addition to radio marketing, digital marketing can be used to specifically target people in the towns where you do business. With online advertising, you can show your ad to people who are in the market for what you sell. This is a powerful way to reach potential customers who are actively looking for products or services like yours.

There are many local businesses in Atlantic and Cape May County that have gained market share through effective advertising. These businesses have taken advantage of the opportunity presented when another business goes out of business or leaves the market. By advertising effectively, they were able to gain all of the customers of the other business and grow their own market share.

Restaurants use radio and digital marketing to reach a larger audience and show off their unique menu, visuals, d├ęcor and blast out special promotions. As a result, they are able to gain more customers on off nights & become a staple on the weekends.

Another example is local clothing & jewelry stores in Cape May. Many come and go but, it is imperative to show off unique styles and reach a larger audience, how else would people know you exist?


Here are a few examples of real companies that gained market share in history through effective advertising:

PepsiCo: In the 1970s, PepsiCo launched the “Pepsi Challenge” campaign, which pitted Pepsi against Coca-Cola in blind taste tests. The campaign was a huge success and helped Pepsi gain market share from Coca-Cola.

Apple: In the early 2000s, Apple launched the “Think Different” campaign, which celebrated the company’s innovative spirit and encouraged people to think outside the box. The campaign was a huge success and helped Apple gain market share from Microsoft and other competitors.

Domino’s Pizza: In the early 2010s, Domino’s Pizza launched a campaign called “Oh Yes We Did,” which admitted to the company’s past mistakes and promised to make improvements. The campaign was a huge success and helped Domino’s gain market share from competitors like Pizza Hut and Papa John’s.

Old Spice: In 2010, Old Spice launched the “Smell Like a Man, Man” campaign, which featured humorous commercials and social media content. The campaign was a huge success and helped Old Spice gain market share from competitors like Axe and Gillette.


“Yes, but these are all massive companies – I can’t afford it.”


You’re absolutely right – the examples I cited are larger companies, but the same principles apply to local, smaller businesses as well. In fact, hyper-local advertising can be even more effective because it allows you to target your ideal customer more precisely, without any wasted spending on a broader audience for a fraction of the cost.

Using a combination of radio and digital marketing, reach potential customers in the area who may not be aware of your business YET. And the best part is that you don’t have to do it alone – Equity Communications can take the entire job or position off your plate, or work alongside your existing team to execute a successful advertising campaign.

By partnering with Equity Radio And Digital, you can benefit from local expertise and experience in developing effective advertising strategies. We can help you identify your target audience, create engaging content, and track your campaign’s performance to make adjustments and improvements over time. And because we specialize in advertising, you can trust that we will be able to deliver results efficiently and effectively. In addition, partnering with an Equity can free up your time and resources to focus on other important aspects of your business. Instead of spending hours trying to figure out how to run a successful advertising campaign, manage social media, you can trust that everything is taken care of.


In conclusion, local Atlantic and Cape May County businesses should continue to advertise, even during times of economic uncertainty. You can’t always DIY It. You’re busy, we get that & Welcome the opportunity to help you grow.


-Phil Nappen

Digital Sales Manager