Digital Marketing During The Holidays

It is officially fall and the holiday season is upon us. Living by the beach in Atlantic City, September is usually local’s summer, but it seems like the second people started leaving the temperature DROPPED. The importance of implementing a digital strategy RAISED with more consumers indoors, working from home and browsing the web. With less window browsers and more online interaction, the holiday season is the perfect time to jump into digital marketing. There are a ton of free things you should be doing like updating your google my business profile and social media pages (We Can Help!). Update your hours of operation on search engines, share some specials, and HAVE FUN! Your business’s daily procedures should be easily located on your website for all of your potential customers to see. You can also brand your business and raise it’s overall website traffic through paid channels like facebook audience network, YouTube, Streaming TV, AND MORE!

Equity Communications specializes in small business marketing through radio and digital advertising; facebook event marketing is our forte. Use a live radio commercial break or target streamers on Spotify like a MEGAPHONE to promote your Christmas sale or spooky attraction. Black Friday & Cyber Monday shoppers are waiting! Sales this year are going to start NOW! So it is never too early to start promoting your business to set a smooth foundation for 2021.

You can also bring real world location onto a smart phone and promote your business. Geo fence a popular attraction, polling station, shopping district, or competitor. We can follow devices we’ve found and show them ads for your business via Geo Retargeting!

Your not doing digital?!

What does that mean?!

If you know nothing about digital marketing that is ok. We don’t sell you techy widgets or use scary industry lingo we educate you on how to market your business and what available to you as a means to get your message heard. THATS IT! Then we take it from there with real world application. The internet can be scary and we are here to help you and your business get to the next level. Your online assets are so important as people will locate your business online and contact you through those channels. Instead of walking into your place of business or getting on a dreaded phone call for a product or service a video ad may be the first thing they ever see to learn about your business. After that they may communicate through your website or LIVE CHAT! (don’t worry we will explain…)

Some of the most popular online behaviors this time of year include searching for a haunted hay ride, renovating your next home improvement project for turkey day, shopping for him or her and much more! So if that is an audience you would like to captivate email us at  and we will show you the way.