Online Video is on FIRE for South Jersey businesses


Online video is set to reach 100+ mins per day in 2021 and beyond. This number continues to rise as chord cutters advance and more streaming services become available. According to Borrell inc, the local advertising forecast from 2019 to 2021 saw almost every single traditional advertising medium such as print, TV and others decline. On the other side there were roughly 18-40% increases in advertising spend across streaming audio, streaming TV, targeted display, social media and many other digital platforms.


In 2020 online video reached more people than TV.


What does this all mean? OPINION:

Every year you continue to do the same marketing and advertising strategy less and less people are seeing it.

You’re not late to the party – this shift into online video is fairly recent. You can reach your best potential customers by showing video ads to promote your business, event or non-profit across a variety of different platforms. It is an extreme way to customize and maximize your marketing dollars by choosing location and a mix of personal interests.




Don’t worry you tell us some information on your business and we will do the rest. You’ll get a custom video to keep for your website, social media you-tube channel. It will be seen and served tens of thousands even hundreds of thousands of times.


You will be able to track everything. We will explain everything. You’re marketing dollars will not go to waste! Rest easy my friends and south jersey business owners.


-Phil Nappen

Digital Sales Manager